The aim of Welcome & Safety Ambassadors is to promote a recognised corporate and professional standard of behaviour across a broad spectrum of uniformed and non-uniformed front line staff. Welcome & Safety Ambassadors will have the knowledge and skills to provide visitors and tourists with information, advice and guidance.

They will ensure that support is provided at appropriate levels through the use of sound practical and observational skills in safety and security and have the expertise that may be required in a day to day role or at events and occasions which attract large visitor numbers.

The training will enable all staff to feel more confident in their role and equip them with strategies for dealing with different situations that can arise with large numbers of people or hosting a large event. They will be able to use and promote professional standards of assistance, support and behaviour within such an environment.

All candidates are provided with an information resource pack which will support them within their own workplace.

This course comprises of:

Mandatory units:

Unit 1 – The Welcome: Understand the concept of ‘You are the Brand’ and/or ‘Being a Host’.

Unit 2 – The Knowledge: Information and signposting to maximise the visitor experience.

Unit 3 – Feeling Safe: Provide advice on crime prevention and safety.

Unit 4 – Making safe: Identify suspicious behaviour and situations.

Optional units:

Unit 5 – Crowd Control: Appropriate and safe activities.

Unit 6 – Traffic Control: Appropriate and effective techniques.

Helpful for:
All staff who are hosting or working with occasional visitors to large groups at events, venues and public places.

One day for the mandatory units and half a day for the two optional units.