This training focuses on identifying what systems are already in place to support you and understand the safe working boundaries of your role. It will identify how to control personal risks and defuse anger before it escalates into aggression.

You will know the law and the risks in relation to defending yourself and others when faced with imminent harm and risk to well-being.

‘Brilliant Course! Great mix of activities, learning & techniques on how to get out of situations’ Young Advisors 2013

Participants learn through applying theory to practical skills. Training methods include a short demonstration, skills practice, reflection and group discussion.

This course will assist you to:

  • Understand the importance of risk management in reducing and preventing conflict situations.
  • Know your own attitude to risk and stay in control
  • Understand pathway ‘triggers’ to aggression and violence.
  • Know and practice diffusion techniques to manage confrontation and violence.
  • Use breakaway and contact & cover techniques.
  • Understand the importance of an exit strategy.

Helpful for:
Any customer facing staff, front line officers and staff who are regularly providing services and support in the community or other environments.

One day