This training provides a valuable understanding and insight of the dangers you may face on a daily basis within your working environment. It will identify key behaviours to be aware of and to understand and know your limitations and what options are available in a rapidly changing scenario.

This course provides an insight into the reality of such situations arising. It will review your workplace policies and procedures for such situations and provide practical skills, solutions and techniques to evade and/or control potentially violent situations in a safe, secure and lawful manner.

This course ideally follows and compliments the Personal Safety: Risk Management & Breakaway course and for those who do not wish to take up the control and restraint training for which this forms part of the course. For this reason it is a ½ day course.

This course will assist you to:

  • Current statistics on gun, knife and gang crime
  • Identify and discuss how these issues may impact on your workplace
  • Identify and understand roles, responsibilities and limitations
  • Recognise, understand and respond to higher risk and escalation of situations involving:

–        Guns, knives and weapons danger

–        gang, group, crowd behaviours

  • Know techniques on how and where to get immediate support
  • Plan your exit strategy
  • Post incident debrief and support

Helpful for:
All staff and front line officers, customer facing staff, care sector, educational and lone workers.

Half-day [Ideally following prior attendance of Personal Safety: Risk Management & Breakaway]