This training provides a valuable understanding and insight of the dangers you may face on a daily basis within your working environment. It will identify the extent to which you can defend yourself when faced with the unavoidable and imminent threat of violence or a violent assault.  It provides a comprehensive explanation of the legalities and grounds for using such physical intervention incorporating UK Common and Criminal Law, Health and Safety and Human Rights obligations.

This course is suitable for many professional situations such as front line officers, customer facing staff, care sector, educational and lone workers. The course delivers a robust risk control approach for the employer and employee in line with current Health and Safety regulations.

‘This training highlighted the importance of keeping a safe distance and the use of an exit strategy when confronted with danger. It also gave me more confidence and the skills to deal with and control an aggressive person and the limits of such control. The trainers were very knowledgeable and everything was backed up by the relevant laws and legislation. Excellent!’

Enforcement Officer 2013

It is an essential requirement to attend the Personal Safety: Risk Management & Breakaway Course prior to attending this course. It is also delivered as a refresher.

This course will assist you to:

  • Understand and practice methods and techniques for disengaging using non-physical means.
  • Understand and practice ways to protect and safeguard themselves and disengage from initial assault.
  • Know the legal rules on the use of force in self-defence and the use of physical force
  • Understand and apply the lawful grounds for the use of physical force.
  • Recognise the inherent risks in use of force situations and how to reduce or avoid them.
  • Understand the Health and Safety provisions for managing safety in the workplace (Duty of Care).
  • Recognise, understand and respond to higher risk and escalation of situations involving:

–        children, young persons and vulnerable persons

–        knives and weapons danger

–        alcohol and drugs escalation

–        declining mental health

–        gang, group, crowd behaviours

  • Physical skill techniques:

–        defensive responses

–        contact and cover

–        exit strategies

–        holding, escorting, restraining

–        control and restraint

Helpful for:
All staff and front line officers, customer facing staff, care sector, educational and lone workers.

One day [following prior attendance of Personal Safety: Risk Management & Breakaway or proven prior learning].