This course gives delegates an understanding of the legal regime under the Human Rights Act and how it impacts on their existing role. They will understand the implications of this legislations and how to ensure that it is applied in every aspect of their work. Failure to do so may be unlawful and result in evidence being inadmissible. On a personal level it could lead to civil actions for damages or worse.

This course enables you to:

  • Have a basic knowledge of human rights and understand the underlying principles
  • What it means for public authorities and what protocols should be in place
  • Know how the Human Rights Act (HRA) directly relates your job role
  • Apply rights particularly relevant for children and vulnerable adults and other at risk groups
  • Understand absolute rights and limited rights
  • Understand how lawful application of Human rights can improve service delivery.

Helpful for:
All officers who are required to gather evidence and/or undertake enforcement activity.

Half-day and available as a distance learning refresher