This course provides an understanding of the acquisition, use and disclosure of personal data. It gives a practical insight into the duties set out under the Data Protection Act to ensure legal compliance.

Organisations are required to give access to personal data that is gathered, stored or processed. It’s important for you to understand how this information must be collated and stored, and under what circumstances you can legally refuse access to it.

You’ll learn the steps needed to ensure legal compliance when you’re processing personal data, how to lawfully share data with other organisations, and the impact of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

This course enables you to:

  • Understanding the 8 DPA principles
  • Process data in accordance with the principles
  • Know how to respond to requests for data and how to refuse access to data
  • Set up and operate DPA-compliant systems
  • Data share safely
  • Understand the impact of the Freedom of Information Act

Helpful for:
All officers who are required to gather evidence and/or undertake enforcement activity.

Half-day and available as a distance learning refresher