D-FIB otherwise known as Automated External Defibrillation (AED) is well established as the only effective therapy for cardiac arrest. Scientific evidence is overwhelming. Early defibrillation is the single most determinant of survival from collapse to delivery of the first shock. The chances of successful defibrillation decline at a rate of 7-10% with each minute. Basic life support may help to sustain a shockable rhythm but is not a definitive treatment.

D-FIB training conforms to current Resuscitation Council (UK) guidelines. It is based on the necessary theory and practical sessions. The D-FIB equipment is excellent but it needs willing volunteers to be prepared to step up, apply the equipment and follow instructions. Simple! This course is informative and enjoyable and will support you in gaining confidence in a new skill.

This course enables you to:

  • Provide basic life support
  • Understand how an AED works
  • Know how to use an AED
  • Practical use of the AED
  • Gain confidence in the use of AED
  • Increase your potential to save lives….

Helpful for:
Anyone who wants to improve their chances of saving a life.

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