This is an DF:CST Level 2 Customised Award. The aim of the course is to promote a recognised corporate and professional standard of behaviour across a broad spectrum of uniformed and non uniformed front line staff.

The training will enable all professionals to feel more confident in their role and equip them with strategies for dealing with different situations. They will be able to use and, by example, promote standards of acceptable behaviour within the community.

People who work with members of the public make a real difference to the quality of people’s lives, their sense of security and to the way they feel about their environment and, in many cases reduce the fear of crime.

It is essential that front line staff possess the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their duty in a professional and competent manner before undertaking their role within the community. This award, intended to reflect the wide range of issues that staff may face on a day-to-day basis is designed specifically with these people in mind.

The course is essential for induction training of all front line staff working in the community and is a mixture of direct learning and blended learning based on work completed through the distance learning portal.

DF:CST sustains a high level of professionalism, quality assurance and reputational management for client organisations, front line officers and the public by ensuring the majority of CSA training is carried out through class room attendance and assessment.

This course enables you to:

  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Use safe and secure working practices
  • Work successfully in a diverse and cohesive environment
  • Safeguard children and vulnerable adults
  • Conflict and risk manage to secure personal safety
  • Be aware of potential job specific dangers
  • Problem solve and implement community projects
  • Write professional reports and statements
  • Provide professional presentations and workshops

Helpful for:
All customer facing and front line staff: community safety officers, wardens, rangers, concierge, caretakers, security & housing officers.

2-3 days + up to 8 hours distance learning work dependent on choice of units.