This is an DFCST Level 3 Customised Award. DF:CST is an approved centre which is endorsed by the Police Crime Prevention Academy [PCPA] to train and support Community Safety Accredited Schemes and accredited officers.

Our experts work in agreement and consultation with NPCC [National Police Chiefs’ Council] and the Chief Officer of your Police Authority to provide support and the accredited training required for community safety & security staff wishing to achieve certification through the Community Safety Accreditation Schemes (CSAS).

CSAS accredited persons and organisations will be able to access a range of nationally recognised enhanced enforcement powers which can only be accredited upon the organisation achieving recognised status and the individual’s successful completion of a CSAS accredited course provided by an approved centre.

DF:CST maintains a high level of professionalism, quality assurance and reputational management for the relevant Police Authority, the CSAS organisation, the CSAS officers and the public by ensuring the majority of CSAS training is carried out through class room attendance and assessment.

This course enables you to:

  • Understand Community Safety Accreditation Schemes
  • Work successfully in diverse communities and the Equalities Act
  • Achieve best practice in advanced statement and report writing
  • Give evidence and know court protocol
  • Understand the use of CSAS accredited powers
  • Use enforcement skills and issue Fixed Penalty Notices
  • Manage risk, conflict and personal safety
  • Direct traffic
  • Manage as first responder to major incident and crime scenes
  • Understand additional legislation supporting CSAS

Helpful for:
Schemes applying for CSAS accreditation and/or for refreshing, updating and developing skills.

Three days + up to 8 hours distance learning work.
Refreshers and update sessions are generally one day.