Many professionals are required to conduct interviews in situations where the information obtained may be vital evidence in later proceedings. Failure to conduct these interviews properly may result in evidence being inadmissible, unreliable or without weight. It may adversely affect the fairness of any subsequent legal hearing.

This course will provide professionals with the key skills to interview witnesses, obtain witness statements and interview suspects effectively and to best-practice standards in order to maximise the evidence gained during interviews.

This course enables you to:

  • Effectively plan and prepare for different types of interviews
  • Utilise different questioning techniques
  • Know how to structure interviews
  • Maximise the impact of disclosing evidence before and during the interview
  • Understand the different types of interviews,
  • Deal effectively with solicitors, silences and selective answering
  • Handle inconsistencies in the account given by the interviewee and with other available evidence
  • Balance the investigator’s powers with the individual’s rights
  • Fact-find and carry out witness and/or suspect interviews

Is helpful for:
Anyone who has regulatory, enforcement and/or prosecution responsibilities or is required to record and collate evidence from witnesses and suspects.

1 day