This intensive and practical course will provide professionals with the knowledge, skills and confidence to present evidence effectively in court. The procedures for giving evidence, the order of events, the roles of different people in the court, and the process of giving evidence will be explained.

Delegates will find themselves in the witness box giving evidence on behalf of their organisation. Utilising a case study statement, delegates will learn skills to move professionally through the process. They will understand how to overcome the potential doubt that may be cast on the witness’s experience, notes, method of investigation and the procedures followed by them and their organisation. Best practice methods to survive cross-examination from a defence lawyer.

This course enables you to:

  • Prepare for giving evidence
  • Know the roles of the various people in court
  • Know professional protocols
  • Take the oath or the affirmation with confidence
  • Give clear, honest and impartial testimony
  • How to handle cross-examination
  • Experience being cross-examined and receive feedback

Is helpful for:
Anyone who has regulatory, enforcement and/or prosecution responsibilities and is required to present evidence at court on behalf of their organisation.

1 day