This is a DF:CST level 3 Customised Award.  The Best Practice Award is for professionals who have a regulatory, enforcement and/or prosecution responsibility and/or they are required to record and collate evidence from witnesses and suspect interviews.

The units are:

  • Enforcement
  • Enforcement Notices
  • Advanced Statement & Report Writing
  • Court Procedures & Presenting Evidence
  • Legislation, Evidence Collection & Documentation
  • Case File Preparation & Disclosure
  • Investigative Interviewing

Completion of the full award will lead to certificate of achievement from DFCST. This provides external recognition for a learner’s achievements and evidence of the fact that they have gained new skills, knowledge and competence for their career development. DF:CST recognise that some professionals already have experience and expertise in some of the units and, if required, we can deliver a selection of the Best Practice Award units.

DF:CST deliver Customised Awards which give our learners and their employers confidence that the content of a training programme is of a high standard and meets the rigorous quality assurance requirements of a Customised Award.

DF:CST works closely with employers to improve skills and standards of professionalism. Our training can be tailored to meet individual and organisational needs and we will ensure that you have the most up to date advice and information in line with current legal requirements.

Is helpful for:
Anyone who has regulatory, enforcement and/or prosecution responsibilities or is required to record and collate evidence from witnesses and suspects.

1 day per unit