Sue Madden

Sue grew up in Essex then lived in Bloomsbury, Central London for many years. Even back then she was known for her organisational and planning skills and started using these at the age of 15 when she was asked to organise Romford Carnival!

After a successful career in local authority she left to run her own consultancy business which has now been established for over 20 years. Sue is highly motivated and a hardworking successful training and development specialist who brings energy and enthusiasm into everything she does. She uses her passion to ensure that individuals can reach their potential with the right amount of support and encouragement.

As a Quality Assurance specialist, she has set up and managed assessment centres in various fields of expertise and developed and delivered bespoke training courses. She has been the vital link between assessors and the awarding organisations.

Her main love is training and she has specialised in creating practical solutions to everyday challenges in the workplace. For this reason, she has worked for many years as a Quality Verifier for the awarding organisation, NCFE, checking that training providers meet a high-quality standard in their training delivery.

Having met and worked with Denise Fermor for more than 14 years she is now the Quality Assurance Manager for DF:CST and has established her position as an advisor on the training development, delivery and assessment of their courses.

It goes without saying that it is going to be a busy year for Sue. She supports a wide range of training providers on a regular basis and must plan holidays well ahead to fit them all in!

Good job that she is now living on the South Coast with her husband. They can take plenty of breaks in between all the hard work. Her hobbies include reading, crafts and travelling.