About DF:CST

We recognise that your workforce is your most important asset, so we train, support and develop people, making sure they have the skills to continually improve the service you provide.

We have a wealth of experience in working closely with local authorities and their broad spectrum of partner agencies.

Many of our courses are professionally accredited and our qualified trainers are knowledgeable experts with a wealth of real-life skills and experience. The learning environment we create is vibrant, interactive and rewarding.

‘The trainer was extremely knowledgeable and had a wide range of life experiences, knowledge and experience was from every area that we were being trained in. She created a welcoming and safe environment, very open and honest in a sensitive manner. She made sure that everyone was involved and responded well to our individuality and created a BIG PERSONAL GROUP! There were excellent examples from real life throughout. It was totally relevant to my role and had excellent handouts and online resources. I was extremely satisfied with this learning event and it has increased my knowledge and skills in this area’. Recent attendee at Understanding Safeguarding

We have a wide range of courses and can design bespoke courses to meet your needs and which are excellent value for money.

If you are interested in hearing more, get in touch:

Mobile: 07713 030421

E-mail: info@denisefermorcst.co.uk

Online: www.denisefermorcst.co.uk

See more on Denise Fermor our consultant and learning coach and

Sue Madden our quality assurance manager….